Corporate Social Responsibility
The Board of Directors had acknowledged the importance of a corporate culture that emphasises on good corporate social responsibility.
We are committed to advance socially responsible business policies and practices across the Group to ensure we could address and monitor all aspects of CSR that are relevant to our business.

The Group complies with environmental legislation and statutory regulation in all jurisdictions in which we operate and to adopt responsible environmental practices.

Certain manufacturing sites of the Group have ISO9001 as well as ISO 140001:2004 accreditation.

We appreciate the environmental benefits of reducing the consumption of resources and encourage company to seek alternative options and make use of recycling initiatives wherever they may be practice.

Companies of the Group engaged with licensed disposing waste company to ensure safe disposal of all waste on periodical basis and scraps of metal or plastic generated during the production are sold to scrap collectors for recycling process.

By implementing the appropriate industry standards and best practices in our resource management and operations, we believe that we could minimise the unfavourable impact to the environment.

Safety and Health
The Group is fully concern of the importance of having good working environment and thus believes that effective control of occupational and industrial hazards will secure the safety, health and welfare of employees.

Companies of the Group are encouraged to implement Occupational Safety & Health Management thus could provide a higher level of safety and health workplace via education, skill development training, research and enforcement.

Human Resource Development
As one of a company’s greater assets is its employee, the Group recognises that the know how skill and expertise of employee contribute to the Group’s intellectual capital and competitive advantages.

The Group constantly nurtures its human capital with skill and intellectual development by on job training, workshops and seminar programme.

The Group is committed to provide equality of opportunity to all existing and prospective employees without unlawful or unfair discrimination.

Human code of conduct and ethic are developed to ensure the Group’s business is conducted ethically and in adherence to legal principal and legislation.

Market place
We treasure our relationships with our key customers and suppliers by conducting customer satisfaction surveys and supplier performance reports that are not only could improve our products quality but also to ensure equal opportunities, transparency and compliance to the business practice.

The Group is continuously pursuing perfect quality in development and innovation of new product in striving towards the challenges in the market place.